Guidelines for posting

Posts should be sincere attempts to obtain reusable information

  • The primary intention of a post or comment should be to obtain or provide information, not to argue a point or make a statement.
  • Posts or comments should not be used to promote a business or service, or for solicitation.
  • Posts should encourage answers that provide explanation and should be as open-ended as possible.

Questions should comply with Zurich Community site policies

  • Questions about individuals that are hurtful, mean-spirited or likely to make the person uncomfortable aren’t allowed.
  • Questions that constitute harassment and have the potential to make the experience of using Quora unpleasant or uncomfortable for group(s) of users may be deleted.
  • All content in Zurich Community, including comments, should be written in English
  • Legal and medical questions that deal with client- or patient-specific facts are not allowed and may be deleted or reworded to describe a general situation.

Questions are viewed as community property

  • Posts and comments are viewed as community property
  • Posts should not be deleted by the members
  • Posts or comments may be deleted by moderators if they contravene policy.
  • A post can be merged into another post if both ask the same thing. Generally, the post with the phrasing that is simplest and most commonly asked should remain.

Question Guidelines

Posts and comments should be clearly written

  • Zurich Community requires correct spelling, punctuation, grammar and capitalization to be used in posts and comments.
  • Posts should contain enough information for meaningful answers to be posted, and make clear how answers can meet their expectations.
  • Posts should be concise. As a general guideline, posts should generally be no longer than 3 sentences, and only one question should be asked at a time.

Posts are stronger if they are phrased neutrally, ask for information and ask why

  • Posts are stronger if they are phrased neutrally and minimize presuppositions.
  • Posts are stronger if they do not contain assumptions. In particular, they should not imply false information.
  • Good questions are as open-ended as possible and ask ‘why?’ where this would potentially lead to more informative direct responses.

Posts of many types are encouraged

  • Posts about anything you are curious regarding Zurich are encouraged.